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Winter Show 2013 - Guest Artists

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ambrosia Pastry Co
Ambrosia Pastry Co was started less than a year ago in Waterloo. We make everything from scratch. Our chocolate bars are made from fair trade organic cacao beans from all over the world. We are one of only a handful of producers making chocolate from scratch.
Website: ambrosiapastry.com

Bella Grey
Bella Grey fuses natural beachstones, colourful paper découpage, and silver solder to create beautiful, whimsical and timeless one of a kind jewellery.
Facebook: BellaGreyJewelleryDesign

Blue Iris Studios
Blue Iris Studios is Iris Dorton's downtown Guelph studio and showroom where she makes a full line of contemporary pottery as well as hand-crafted jewellery in porcelain, fine sliver and mixed metals.
Website: www.blueirisstudios.ca
Facebook: blueirisstudios

brewersCRAP collects leftover stuff from micro-breweries that would be chucked out, stuff that is crap...and up-cycles it into stuff that need not be chucked out...CRAP(Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project). We make carriers for beer, growlers, wine, wallets, ties, ipod covers...awesome gifts for any beer-loving person.
Website: www.brewerscrap.com

Cheeses Murphy - Serving Food!
Cheeses Murphy is the buttery brainchild of the folks at Princess Cafe. They make several unique types of grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.
Website: www.princesscafe.ca

Deiter Designs
Susan Deiter loves working with metal. Silver, copper and non-traditional materials are all featured in her work. She loves the simplicity and power of geometric forms, yet also loves pattern and texture. She also enjoys working thematically, taking her inspiration from a motif or image from nature and then exploring it in a variety of ways.

Hello Pineapples
Embroidered pop culture.
Website: www.hellopineapples.com
Twitter: @hellopineapples

Henry Ensley
Henry Ensley is passionate about reclaiming used timber and giving it new life as works of art. His passion for machine work has enabled him to make his own tools and develop his "voice" in the craft world.

In Paper Dreams
In Paper Dreams is home to handmade, papercut greeting cards and art, and other whimsical creations. Wielding craft knifes and a portfolio of simple, elegant designs, Jen and Danielle have fun with colour and patterns so as to make each papercut stand alone. In Paper Dreams is a fledgling business with big dreams. They're very excited about their products, the likes of which they've never seen before and the quality of which they are very proud.
Website: www.inpaperdreams.com
Twitter: @inpaperdreams

Kukucaju Paintings on Wood
Kukucaju Paintings on Wood is the work of local artist Judy Anderson. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and the University of Guelph, her work is playful and quirky, taking inspiration from all things that amuse her; small furry mammals, cowpokes, monsters, story telling, and in particular, the curious fascinations of children. This unique series of paintings draws from the often dark sides of the imagination and is intended to fuel the creative furnaces of young and old.
Website: www.kukucaju.etsy.com

Katie McLellan
Using reclaimed materials where appropriate, Katie creates whimsical pieces which express humour and her love of nature. Her present collection includes: fabric wall collages, Stuffed DudesĀ® and original stained glass windows.
Website: www.katiemclellan.com

Kind Stones
Heather creates jewellery using natural components such as stones, wood and metal. Loom woven bracelets and chunky stone necklaces and earrings give an earthy and tribal vibe.
Website: www.kindstones.etsy.com

Kynk Naturals
Fair trade organic shea butter and other handcrafted personal care products. If you can't eat it, we don't use it!
Website: www.kynk.ca

LK Bookbindery
LK Bookbindery features fine hand-bound books and other handmade items. Their books are made with hand backed or commercial book cloth, designer and upcycled fabrics, leather, Japanese and other paper products. Materials are sourced with an awareness of environmental and sustainability issues and impacts.
Website: www.lkbookbindery.ca
Facebook: LK-Bookbindery

Monica Adamo Pottery
Handmade pottery, decorative and functional pieces, bowls, cups, plates, platters, vases.
Blog: mapottery.blogspot.ca
Facebook: monica.adamo.56

Pretty Pennie Jewellery
Eclectic mix of clean lines and reflective surfaces to rustic rugged and ornate antique. Hand crafted and designed by Hilary Pennie in her home studio, Cambridge, Ontario.
Website: www.prettypenniejewellery.com
Facebook: prettypenniejewellery

Sol Beauty (formerly Sacred Circle Herbs)
Aimée makes all natural soaps and skin care products. She makes everything herself, from scratch, in small batches to ensure her products are always of the highest quality. She uses vegetable and nut oils and butters, pure essential oils, and natural colours in her products.] No synthetic chemicals are ever used.
Website: www.solbeauty.ca
Facebook: solbeautysoap

Stephen Hawes Pottery
Stephen Hawes makes functional pots to use everyday as well as special occasions. You can see his work at the Clay and Glass Gift Shop.
Website: www.stephenhawes.ca
Facebook: stephenhawespottery

Theresa Hanley
Theresa spins objects, toys and art out of natural fibres and recycled materials. My crafts are inspired by nature. I try to create toys and art that spark wonder and joy in children and adults.

The Blind Stitch
At the Blind Stitch, Alicia designs and makes plush softies and dolls that are completely handmade with love. These little creatures are not your average stuffed animal found in your average store. They are each unique and very individual with a lot of personality.
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/theblindstitchshop
Blog: theblindstitch.blogspot.com

The Bridge Studio
Heather is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a Studio Specialization in Sculpture. Her studio is now located in Elora, Ontario, where she works using a kiln to create two and three dimensional glass art work. Using glass enamels, she paints and etches these kiln-fired glasses as well as combines them with other media to create work which reflects her interest in nature.
Website: www.thebridgestudio.ca

The Elephant Emporium
The elephant emporium is all about adorable, one of a kind soft toys and decorations designed and knit by Sarah to put a warm fuzzy (feeling) in your heart and (creature) in your hand.
Website: www.zibbet.com/elephantemporium
Facebook: theelephantemporium

The Workshop
At The Workshop, artist Caroline Doherty makes fine handmade things from reclaimed materials. Cold Hands Warm Heart, her line of one of a kind wool and leather mittens, is keeping fingers toasty all over the US and Canada.
Website: www.carolinedohertystudio.com

Time Spent Wisely
Thea creates one of a kind and handcrafted button earrings, zipper earrings and hand sewn fairies. She has consistently shown her work throughout the past five years at the Globe Studio Sale, the Stitch 'n' Kitsch and the Market.

Unamaboona Fibre Arts
Sabina Chatterjee is a social justice activist, community organizer, and fibre artist. Working with fibre has continued to bring grounding and joy to her life while thinking, writing, and talking about social justice, decolonization, and how to help communities become more compassionate. Her hand woven and nuno felted scarves and shawls, and her quilts reflect the beauty, the colours, and the hopefulness she sees around her.