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Spring Show 2012 - Guest Artists

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alicia Gibson | The Blind Stitch - Designs and makes plush softies that are carefully handmade with love. These little creatures are not your average stuffed animal found in your average store. They are each unique and very individual with a lot of personality.
Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/theblindstitchshop
Blog: theblindstitch.blogspot.com

Aimée Charbonneau | Sacred Circle Herbs - Handcrafted, all natural soap and skin care that makes your skin look and feel great!
Website: www.sacredcircleherbs.com

Bec Groves - Creates hand embroidered illustrations, using reclaimed and vintage fabric. Embroidery allows me to design and construct moments in a way that is different from any other medium and create work that is both wonderful and strange.
Website: www.becgroves.com
Facebook: Bec Groves

Heather | Bluefrog Creations - Heather's "Do What You Love" approach help's to create energy in her unique and colourful lampworked glass bead and sterling silver jewellery. Each bead is made to music and is hoped to be worn in happiness and good spirit.

Heidi Thompson | Three Crows Designs - Pretty everyday summer dresses and skirts for your unique style. Cool and functional, one of a kind, hippy punkabilly clothes made from up-cycled recycled materials. I hand-paint and dye much of the fabric I use and you will never see anyone else in you dress. Your size or income shouldn't restrict your access to great  clothes that fit just right! I specialize in plus sizes and can custom make or alter the perfect summer outfit just for you.
Facebook: Three Crows Designs

Hue Fielding - An avid sewer, design collaborator and maker of kids clothing. Modern in appeal, vintage in styling and unexpected, brilliant colour. Perfect for play or picture day. Made in our studio in Guelph Ontario, we focus on the best materials, simple design, small embellishments and attention to detail. Above all, we love colour in all the right places.
Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/HughFielding
Facebook: Hue Fielding/HughFielding

Judy Anderson | Kukucaju Paintings on Wood - An artist based in Damascus, Ontario. Her work is friendly, fun and quirky, taking inspiration from all things that amuse her; small furry mammals, cowpokes, monsters and in particular, the curious fascinations of her two children, Lolly and Declan.
Etsy Shop: www.kukucaju.etsy.com

Kristen Ciccarelli | Two Cent Sparrow - Simple, earthy, one-of-a-kind ceramic jewellery paired with words and phrases that encourage hope in the world around us and trust in ourselves.
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/kristenciccarelli
Blog: twocentsparrow.blogspot.com

Linda Varekamp | Stitch and Spoke - Featuring recycled fabrics, I make "freshly stitched finds" featuring fun imagery, colour, and a dash of patchwork. My work embodies my personal values of sustainability, compassion, and the quest for peace in daily life.
Etsy Shop: stitchandspoke.etsy.com
Facebook: Stitch and Spoke

Michelle Scott | Dot Handmade - Explores ways to make geometric shapes wearable. Combining raw brass cubes, rectangles or tubes with materials such as glass or vintage components. Her work is finished with satin or patina finishes, which are the small, deliberate details you will find in Michelle's work. Michelle has also begun to share her love of typography with her feminism quote prints. Showcasing the inspirational words of diverse women with fresh and modern type, she hopes that others will happily adorn their walls with her work.
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dothandmade

Paul Tigani | Hoops Loops & Rings - Handcrafted chainmail jewelry and armour.
Facebook: Hoop Loops & Rings

Rob DaSilva | Top Secret Monsterz - Become best friends with a Top Secret Monster today! Each Top Secret Monster is an individual; no two identities are the same. They all have different features and crazy cool names. With Top Secret Monsterz, there are so many things to do. What makes Top Secret Monsterz so great? They are one of a kind, just like YOU!
Website: www.topsecretmonsterz.com

Sidney Chang | Chum Chum Press - At chum chum press you will find paper and fabric goods embellished with simple and sometimes quirky designs. All items are individually hand printed with a vintage letterpress or screen printed.
Website: chumchumpress.com