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Jon Johnson

NAME: Jon Johnson - BRFC - Bearface Design

DESCRIPTION OF ART: Screen printed goods. Graphic Design.

YEARS PRODUCING: Screen printing since 2010. Design, a few years longer.

INSPIRATION BEHIND WORK: The primary inspiration behind most of my work is the idea of giving functional, everyday items a bit of personality. I've always been drawn to signage and graphics, and am happy that I get to work with them, but a lot of that happens on the computer. Screen printing is a tool I use to give my designs physicality. The direct inspiration behind each piece varies, but it all pretty much comes back to paying homage to, and sharing, things that I like.

INTRODUCTION TO MEDIUM: A number of years ago I started printing merch for a zine I worked on called CTRPLLR. I was using a really DIY technique and I couldn't get the detail I wanted. So I bought a screen printing kit, and, using some really informative zines and the internet, I taught myself how to do it better. Then I put it all away and didn't print for years. Recently I decided I wanted some custom hankies, and then everything snowballed from there. I'm still learning and getting better with every new print.

DREAM PROJECT: A limited run t-shirt series with a rabid fan base.




Etsy - www.brfc.etsy.com

Flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/brfcjohnson

Twitter - www.twitter.com/bearfacejohnson