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Jon Johnson

NAME:Cindy Cole Bennett - Studioloo

DESCRIPTION OF ART: I work in many mediums and they continue to change. I tend to focus around handspun art yarn, felt, and other fibre arts but I wander into mediums such as photography, clockworks, textiles, sculpture, painting, and clay. 

YEARS PRODUCING: I have been an artist producing work for sale and exhibit since about 1995.

INSPIRATION BEHIND WORK: Nature, science, history and the kinds of things I find cute or grotesque. I love lace, found objects, antiques, miniatures, found taxidermy, stones and old toys. 

INTRODUCTION TO MEDIUM: I started my serious career in selling my work as a clockmaker and that brought me to a love for mosaic and building functional but sculptural work. I then branched out trying to do this with jewellery. A few years later I started to crochet sculptural work, large one-of-a-kind hats with things such as birdcages, ceramics, wire and such incorporated into them. It was then that I found that I couldn't find the kind of yarn that I wanted to use - I wanted something unique so that the very material I used was the art itself. It was then that I started to research how yarn was made; learned about hand spinning and dyeing and now I am completely addicted to all things fibre. I have started on a very similar journey with clay. My nature tends to be one of moving on quickly but never leaving everything behind so I like to always think of my work as the test for the next project. 

DREAM PROJECT: A house with an immaculate garden that could incorporate all my favourite things. It would house all of my beloved books and toys but be adorned on the inside with walls made of mosaic, ceilings covered in felt, trees with colourful beads and baugles tied in them - decoration everywhere, art everywhere. I would also love to have the time to work on more community projects. 

FAVORITE WORD: anthropomorphic


Website: www.studioloo.com

Podcast: www.muststashyo.com


Twitter: www.twitter.com/studioloo

Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/studioloo/