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Emily Hearth

NAME: Tamara Robinson

DESCRIPTION OF ART: I like using natural fibres to create colourful things - handmade toys is my specialty.


INSPIRATION BEHIND WORK: My children, things I see in nature, dungeons and dragons,  things II dream about, fairies and other magical beings, places I see or read about.

INTRODUCTION TO MEDIUM: I always loved sewing....even as a child....when I was 6 I got a sewing basket full of thread and material for Christmas. I fondly remember spending hours and hours sewing clothes for my stuffed toys and my barbies. In my teenage years I would save all my ripped clothing and even  old wool socks (with holes) and combine them to make new things. Once I had children I wanted to make beautiful things for them to play with and there  is  nothing more beautiful to look at and work with then wool.

DREAM PROJECT: felted couch


FAVORITE MYTHICAL CREATURE: tie between baby centaur and dire badger