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Winter Show 2012 - Guest Artists

Saturday, December 8, 2012

NEW! Serving Food - Cheeses Murphy
Cheeses Murphy is the buttery brainchild of the folks at Princess Cafe. They make several unique types of grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Open "normally" only 7 hours a week (midnight - 3:30 AM on Fridays and Saturdays), they will be coming to make sandwiches for you at this years Stitch N' Kitsch. Rumour has it they may be selling jars of their notorious "Bacon Jam" as well.
Website: www.princesscafe.ca

Stephen Hawes Pottery
Stephen's hope is that people's lives are enriched in their everyday rituals with the use of his pots.
Website: www.stephenhawes.ca
Facebook: stephenhawespottery

Fight Like a Pirate
Play-safe foam swords are custom-designed by an expert duelist to reproduce the weight and balance of real weapons in safety, comfort, and style. Learn real fighting techniques without the danger or expense. Our safety guarantee: you can make an eight-year old cry, but only if you try really hard.

Bec Groves
Creates hand embroidered illustrations, using reclaimed and vintage fabric. These works are influenced by relationships and strive to capture a sense of romance and nostalgia.
Website: www.becgroves.com
Facebook: Bec Groves
Twitter: @GrovesBec

Opal Wing Creations
A spirited venture featuring unique, organic jewellery designs made from natural gemstones and fossils. Wearable and whimsical, each piece is designed to remind us of our connections with the natural world.
Website: www.opalwingcreations.com

wren and the bear
Jamie and Tracy Bruin started making things and painting things for family and friends. They enjoyed it so much that they kept going. They like to make items that make others smile. They love colour and whimsy.

ADF Designs
Andrew Frazer is an Australian illustrator who calls Canada home with his beautiful wife, Drea. He is passionate about engaging individuals in conversation through whimsical animals and shared stories.
Website: www.adfdesigns.com.au

Allsorts of things, made in all sorts of ways. Beaded with glass seed beads, each piece is unique and beautiful. Tanned moose and deer provide the canvas for these fun pieces of art! Custom orders are always welcome and new designs are always being introduced.

Jennifer Graham Ceramics
Jennifer Graham is a ceramic designer/artist. Her ceramics are inspired by traditional textiles and by the possibilities of porcelain. Her work unites textured fabrics and porcelain objects.
Website: www.jennifersgraham.com

Ancient Threads
Elaine and Jules work in many different mediums. They knit constantly and have found ways to integrate their other artistic loves like sewing and jewellery-making into the knitting process.
Website: www.ancientthreads.etsy.com

Hoops Loops & Rings
Paul makes many different chainmail accessories and new designs are added to his collection regularly. He accepts custom orders and sizing.
Facebook: Hoop Loops & Rings

Bella Grey
Bella Grey fuses natural beach stones, colourful d├ęcoupage, and silver solder to create beautiful, whimsical and timeless jewellery. Artful adornment, one of a kind inspiration.
Facebook: BellaGreyJewelleryDesign

Henry Ensley
Henry is driven by an urge for constant growth and progress. He doesn't feel like he has met his full potential as a woodworker and he is compelled to improve...this led him to design and build custom tools and machines to pursue his vision. He does this for his own amusement and hopes to establish a mortal legacy of treasure.

Quirkology by Ariane
Creating is an important part of Ariane's life. For as long as she can remember, she has been making things out of new and found materials. Her creations are cute, quirky and sometimes unusual. Her crochet hobby started about 4 years ago when she received an amigurumi book as gift. The idea that you could create 3D objects in crochet fascinated her - she was 'hooked'.
Blog: www.quirkology.blog.com
Facebook: Quirkology by Ariane

The Bridge Studio
Heather Wood's studio is located beside her residence, near the picturesque Grand River which runs through downtown Elora. She is continuing to etch on glass using a sandblaster, but has also expanded her studio to include warm glass techniques. She uses kilns to allow her to shape and fuse the glass into three dimensional shapes, and creates flat panels for windows, walls and doors.
Website: www.thebridgestudio.ca

Michelle designs and makes beaded jewellery often combined with wire and chain. Beads and findings are scrupulously selected in an effort to provide truly one-of-a-kind pieces. These often include vintage beads and tribal finds.

Jasmine Adams Hula Hoops
Jasmine started making Hula Hoops because they're fun to make, fun to look at, and everybody loves them. Each hoop is make with love and comes with a name (i.e. the black and white one is named Beetlejuice.)

The Blind Stitch
Alicia creates handmade stuffed animals called 'softies'. She starts by designing a pattern. She picks the perfect fabrics to start a little personality. Once sewn and stuffed, she uses buttons, threads, ribbons and anything else she can find to bring out that personality. She completes each softie by giving it a name and a little story.
Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/theblindstitchshop
Blog: theblindstitch.blogspot.com

Blue Iris Studios
Blue Iris Studios is Iris Dorton's downtown Guelph studio and showroom where she makes a full line of contemporary pottery as well as handmade jewellery in porcelain, fine silver, copper, bronze and steel.
Website: www.blueirisstudios.ca

Sol Beauty (formally Sacred Circle Herbs)
Amy has been handcrafting all natural soap and body care products for over eight years now. Everything that she makes contains only high quality nut and seed oils and butters and vegetable oils, pure essential oils, and natural colours. She never use any synthetic scents, colours or preservatives.
Website: www.sacredcircleherbs.com

Dot Handmade
Michelle Scott explores ways to make geometric shapes wearable. Combining raw brass cubes, rectangles or tubes with materials such as glass or vintage components. Her work is finished with satin or patina finishes, which are small, deliberate details you will find in Michelle's work.
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dothandmade
Website: dothandmade.etsy.com

Theresa Hanley
Theresa spins objects, toys and sculpture out of natural fibres. Her crafts are inspired by things found in nature and by Waldorf values. She tries to create safe and inspiring creations that spark wonder and joy in children and adults. Her dolls are a celebration of many culture from around the world.

Unamaboona Fibre Arts
Bina is a social justice activist. Her work with fibre has continued to bring grounding joy to her life while thinking, writing, and talking about social justice, decolonization, and how to help communities become more compassionate. So much of her work is about helping people tell new stories of how they can work together and affect change in the world - weaving and quilting help her think through her own stories, to reflect and come to understand her roll in things in new ways.

Monica Adamo Pottery
Monica makes wheel thrown and handbuilt pottery to be used and enjoyed every day - cups, bowls, platters and vases, to name a few items. She loves using pattern and texture to decorate her work and she is greatly influenced by what she sees in nature.
Blog: mapottery.blogspot.ca

One-of-a-kind, quality accessories from new and repurposed materials. We love vintage prints and combining seemingly contrasting textiles. All of our pieces are easy to wear, gentle on the earth, and made with love.